Tuck into this pocket-friendly food when you’re on the move

Image: summer snacks

You know the motto – fail to prepare and prepare to fail. It's time to look to the likes of the boy scouts when hiking and come ready-prepared with healthy, filling snacks for all your troops. Whether it's savoury or sweet, these pocket-handy bites are packed with energy and will be perfect for any outdoor stop-off. 


1. Homemade trail mix and chocolate rice crackers

If it's a sweet treat people are in need of, this is the snack to turn to. Trail mix – an American favourite – is just nuts, cranberries and chocolate beans mixed together, while the rice cakes are simply coated in melted chocolate. Pro tip – try studding in some seeds, nuts or dessicated coconut to the chocolate topping before it sets.


2. Peanut butter and blueberry snack squares

These bars are packed full of energy, thanks to the peanuts and oats, so are perfect when you're on the move. The dried blueberries add extra sweetness – not to mention the marshmallows for an extra bit of decadence. 


3. Mini chicken and pea pasties

Leftover roast chicken is great for these little pasties, which are perfect for eating on the go. Using ready-made pastry means you can whip up a batch of these in no time – plus you can experiment by swapping the peas for other green vegetables like spinach or leeks, too.


4. Savoury carrot and courgette muffins

Who knew savoury muffins could be just as tasty as sweet ones? Well, we did. This is a great way of getting kids to eat some vegetables as carrot and courgette are baked into these buns, which are easily transportable to outdoor activities. They're the perfect addition to a thermos of fresh soup, too.


5. Cheddar and leek croquettes

These cheesy bites are lovely hot, but just as good cold as a snack. The classic combo of cheese and leeks works well in these crunchy croquettes – try bringing a little tub of salsa or relish to dip them into.


6. Pork and apple sausage rolls

Everyone loves a sausage roll and these will no doubt make a welcome appearance at a break for food on a long hike. This dish includes sausage filling made from scratch, but you can buy ready-made sausage meat to save time. Don't forget the sprinkle of poppy and sesame seeds on top for extra flavour. 


7. Granola bars

Whether you're out on a hike or simply need breakfast on the go, these granola bars are a snack you'll come back to again and again. There's no need to buy lots of different packets of dried fruit and nuts though, as the cheat move here is to use Swiss muesli to provide the special mix of ingredients. If you're feeling a little indulgent, we'll just leave this thought here: add chopped up chunks of chocolate.


8. Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs can be a little greasy sometimes, but these beauties are baked in the oven so they contain less fat. Try mixing some sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds into the breadcrumb mix for some extra goodness in each bite.