Auf wiedersehen, wheat! When gluten-free pancakes look and taste this good, we're not interested in anything else

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Potato flour pancakes


Hot potato pancakes! Get the recipe

When you see the variety of gluten-free pancake recipes out there, you'll realise there's no need for boring old wheat flour at all...



Flippin' heck, these look good. And, as they're made with a virtuous combo of oatmeal, rice flour, coconut oil and almond milk, this is a totally dairy- and wheat-free zone.

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Chia seeds

Health hipsters seem to have lost their heads over these little black seeds, but whether you believe the hype or not, this simple recipe guarantees fluffy, puffy pancakes. A blend of buckwheat flour and ground almonds means you only need use a couple of tablespoons of your pricey chia too. Phew.

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Cornmeal or polenta (whatever you like to call it) makes glorious sunny-yellow pancakes. It's also cheap as chips (or should we say corn?), so great if you're on a budget. Make sure you don't get lumbered with the instant stuff: while it's a great timesaver if you're actually making polenta, it has no place here. 

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If you're the type to eat breakfast and then feel hungry five minutes later, give these a flip. Quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain and surprisingly good to bake with – we love these apple and quinoa flapjack-style slices too.

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Tigernut flour

Never heard of it before? Nor had we. Tigernuts (aka earth almonds) are actually small tubers (just like potatoes) and can be ground up to make a sweet, nutty-flavoured flour. With a touch of cinnamon and apple cider vinegar, this pancake recipe is made for adventurous types.

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Coconut flour

Coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut milk... it seems we can't get enough of this husky tropical fruit. Impressively this gluten-free recipe uses all three. 

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These three ingredient paleo pancakes are a total doddle to make. And with a tablespoon of finely ground coffee in the mix, they're great for night owls who need a kick-start in the morning.

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Potato flour

These hot potato pancakes enveloping lavender and honey-roast fruits have got us melting faster than microwaved butter. Gluten-free or otherwise, no one should miss out on these.

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