From cornbread to all kinds of potato, here're the recipes you need to taste a bit of the good ol' U S of A

On 26 November, our friends across the pond will be gearing up for a big Thanksgiving feast – and, considering the culinary delights those guys serve, we think you should too. Here are the tastiest Thanksgiving dishes we want to make a tradition here too.


Sweet potato and marshmallow casserole

This sweet potato casserole is essentially mashed sweet potatoes (or yams) topped with marshmallows (yes, you read that right) and roasted in the oven. The idea is to get the marshmallows brown and chewy on top to create a delicious melting, gooey contrast to the mashed spuds. Want to try it? This recipe is great, and even tells you how to make your own marshmallows.

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Homemade cranberry and port sauce

On Thanksgiving, it's tradition to make the cranberry sauce yourself – the addition of orange in this recipe makes it even richer, with a real festive bite.

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If there’s one aspect of a Thanksgiving feast we're very happy about, it's the addition of bread – cornbread, to be exact. Perfect for mopping up gravy, or, you know, just eating. This recipe demonstrates how to make it in a skillet – try it with cinnamon honey butter too (very popular in southern states), for something really special.

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Creamed vegetables

This is one for the cauliflower cheese lovers. Forget steaming frozen peas, Thanksgiving is all about adding lashings of cream to the veg on your plate. The most traditional creamed veg is sweetcorn (or just ‘corn’, if we're being properly American) and spinach – this recipe adds spring onions and looks sensational.

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A bowl of creamed spinach



Mashed potato

We know you and Mr Mash are already well acquainted. American families will have their own traditions and recipes, but you can count on them all requiring the addition of loads of butter, milk and various other fabulous dairy products – this one, for example, uses double cream, sour cream and cream cheese. *Round of applause*

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Gammon with a coke glaze

Before Nigella brought it to our kitchens, Americans had already been gleefully pouring cans of coke over their gammon joints for Thanksgiving feasts. For anyone who's confused, gammon is the term used in the US for the raw joint. Ham refers to the meat in cooked form. This glaze makes it sticky and indulgently sweet. Fancy it? Here's a great recipe.  

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Pecan, sweet potato and pumpkin pie

You can't have a Thanksgiving feast without a delicious pie. Try a traditional pecan for something really sweet, and a sweet potato filling if you're feeling adventurous – it feels odd to have the vegetable laden with marshmallow for your main and in pie form as dessert, but who are we to question a tasty tradition? If you fancy something with a little festive spice, go pumpkin – this recipe even has bourbon. We know what we're thankful for.

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