Custard Cream fans will love taking this classic biscuit to tasty new heights. Race you to the biscuit tin


1. Custard Cream fudge

One day Mr Fudge met Miss Custard Cream and against all odds, they proved to be a match made in sugary heaven. 

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2. Ice-cream dreams

Just before freezing your ice-cream mix, churn in some shards of Custard Cream. Add berries for a tangy hit then prepare yourself for a taste sensation (and possibly a tiny bit of brain freeze).

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3. Biscuit crush

Here’s a simple idea – take your favourite ice-cream, in this case rhubarb and stem ginger, then crumble a couple of Custard Creams on top for a straightforward but tasty after-dinner treat. 

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4. Cream and crumble cake

This is what happens when you bring together an apple crumble, a stack of Custard Creams and some vertiginous styling. Can someone please bring us a ladder, and a spoon? 

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5. Custard Cream cupcakes

Take your cupcake to the next level by filling it with creamy vanilla bean custard and finishing with a Custard Cream topper. Dreamy. 

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6. Jubilee custard cream cakes

This pretty little cake stack was concocted for the jubilee, but you needn’t wait until the next one to try it. The custard itself has broken Custard Cream biscuits running through it for added flavour and bite. Yes please, ma’am. 

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7. Custard cream cheesecake

This recipe calls for heady use of the Custard Cream – crushed to form the base and spiked into the topping for extra custardy, creamy crunch.

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