Who says vegetables have to be boring? These tasty meat-free snacks will prove all sceptics, even your kids, wrong

Image: 7 tasty snacks that make eating vegetables fun

1. Spiced apple thins

This recipe is super easy to make, but still incredibly tasty. Pack these thins along with a sandwich for the kids’ next lunch.


2. Sweet potato wedges

These spicy wedges are great to have as a snack or serve as a side with their favourite meat or veggie burger.


3. Mini veggie pizzas

Use a fresh baguette as a base for these delicious mini pizzas that your kids will love at snack time. 


4. Spicy smoked sweetcorn

The vegetable synonymous with BBQs, try this recipe for spiced butter to take your corn on the cob up a notch on the munchability scale.


5. Halloumi and vegetable skewers

Add your kids’ favourite vegetables to these tasty and filling halloumi skewers.


6. Treasure island dip

Your kids will love dipping their veggie ‘ treasures’ with this houmous-like spread.


7. Pepper pot dips dishes

These dip-filled peppers will look amazing but take a minimal amount of effort. These colourful dips will make a great snack to serve when you have guests over.