Far from being a culinary no-no, these leftover pasta recipes are properly delicious

How many times have you made more pasta than you need? Leftover pasta can actually be a proper treat. Even the Italians are at it, which is surely a sign we ought to be too. Still not convinced? We double dare you not to want to try these seven ace ways with leftover pasta


1. Mac and cheese muffins

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Mac and cheese, but in adorable personal-sized portions. With the added benefit of having crispy edges from being baked in the oven. We're salivating. 


2. Pasta arancini 

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Arancini – an Italian street food made with leftover ristotto stuffed with cheese – is given an even more comforting makeover by replacing the rice with pasta. We approve. 


3. Pasta and peanut salad 

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Fusing Italian pasta with Thai flavours might be controversial, but just try it. It's properly good. 


4. Linguine frittata

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This frittata is perfect for people who, like us, like their frittatas to be mostly filling. Just an absolutely brilliant brunch option. 


5. Store cupboard pasta salad

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Store cupboard pasta salad

Via: Lori Lange / communitytable.parade.com

Pasta salads needn't be woefully under-flavoured and boring. This one can be made with stuff most of us have in our cupboards. Boss. 


6. Pasta bake 

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Anyone who made it through the 90s will feel a pang of nostalgia for this pasta bake. Now, if only they'd bring back Blind Date


7. Leftover pasta soup

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This soup can be adapted with almost any knobbly bits of veg you've got in your fridge. The ultimate thrifty dish. 



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