Celeriac looks weird but tastes amazing. Here's how you need to be cooking it …

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Image: 7 celebratory recipes for celeriac

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Celeriac: it's the ugly step-sister to the golden butternut squash, shocking pink beetroot and snowy white parsnips all beloved of French cooks. Nutty and sweet, it's delicious mashed, roasted, fried … the options are endless. 


Never tried one before? C'mon, don't be scared. You prep it like you would an unwieldy dirty potato: simply wash it, then using a knife carefully lop the top and bottom off it. Finally, stand it on your chopping board ready to peel. The skin is pretty thick and tough; flex those biceps and peel to reveal the white flesh beneath. 

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Mash it, roast it, add it to stews or turn it into a soup. If you want a classic celeriac dish try celeriac remoulade, which uses the dish at its purest. It's simply grated raw, then mixed with carrot, fresh dill and mayonnaise.


Tempted? Check out these gorgeous recipes …


1. Garlic and herb celeriac fries

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, the humble chip gets an upgrade. 

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2. Celeriac and fennel soup

Drizzled with homemade parsley oil for a two-tone green effect. Ooh.

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3. Celeriac and beet salad with lemon, chilli and mint

Take this into work for your lunch, and feel smug for the rest of the day.

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4. Provencale celeriac pâté

Simply put, this celeriac and white bean pâté is awesome on toast. Makes a change from cheese and is 100% vegan.

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5. Celeriac potato gratin

It's got cheese, cream, butter and garlic and just a little bit of Swiss chard to balance out those carbs. That's a balanced meal, we say.

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6. Sweet potato, parsnip and celeriac pudding

Somewhere between a soufflé, mashed potato, and the best side dish we've ever eaten. We want this with our roast chicken on Sunday.

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7. Celeriac burgers

Who needs beef when you can have chilli and cracked black pepper celeriac patties?

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