Seriously. From jarred overnight oats to a nifty way with eggs, we've got you covered

It all starts with such grand intentions. You will set your alarm an extra 15 minutes early. You'll sort yourself out with some golden scrambled eggs and smashed avocado on rye bread, and leave the house feeling like a total king. But it never happens, right? 


Here are the easiest ways to prep ahead, so you can take something delicious with you for some serious al desko breakfast sustenance.


Trust us, these are easy and tasty. 


1. Muffin pan mini frittatas

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Spoon a frittata mix pimped up with seeds and diced cherry tomatoes into a muffin pan, bake for 10 minutes and store. Job's a good 'un. 


2. Apple and granola sandwiches

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Nifty. Simply glue cored apple rings with some peanut butter, sprinkle with crunchy granola and stack. Add clingfilm and you're off. 


3. Raw buckwheat, apple and walnut porridge jars

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A lovely batch recipe just waiting to be spooned into old jam jars and hoovered up in transit. Top with a dollop of nut butter for a dash of extra luxe. 


4. Egg in a jar

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Well, isn't this ingenious. Pack in the protein with this clever shout. 


5. Breakfast flapjack balls

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These banana/nut/oat mash-ups are little bites of heaven. Stash in your desk drawer for emergencies. 


6. Vanilla orange overnight oats

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Could this jarred beauty look any more enticing? Vanilla extract and orange just make this little treat sing. 


7. Seeded oat bars

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Looks like a flapjack, sort of tastes like a flapjack, but a whole lot more breakfast appropriate. Yum. 


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