Limp carrots and soggy parsnips be gone! Give your root vegetables a makeover with these fresh ideas

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Reinvent your raw ingredients into something spectacular

Beetroot, parsnips, carrots, swede – whichever ‘root’ you choose, it doesn’t have to be boring ...

Beetroot and pine nut risotto

It might look like a Christmas tree but in fact it's a risotto stack. We might not go with the party hat effect, tbh, but it will still taste amazing. Use leftovers to make aranchini (fried risotto balls).

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Carrot soufflé

Light, airy and full of fresh coriander, who knew carrots could be so sophisticated?

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Image: Carrot soufflé

Photo: Karen Thomas


Parsnip cake with maple buttercream

Cakes made of veg? Indeed, and they don't get much tastier than this. If you like carrot cake give this parsnip version a go. You won't regret it. 

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Salt 'n' pepper swede chips

It’s nice to mix your fries up on occasion, even if you’re a complete potatohead. Swede has a slightly nutty flavour and is delicious sprinkled with nutmeg or cracked black pepper.

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Provençale celeriac pâté

Poor celeriac. Forever the ugly sister to celery, despite the fact it tastes a–may–zing. This recipe makes a delicious budget–friendly veggie pâté. Perfect with homemade sourdough.

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Seared seasame 'scallops'

They look like scallops but actually they're turnips. Cut into circles then boiled soft, then pan-fried with seasame seeds, this is a fun way to make turnips trendy. Perfect veggie party bites.

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Sweet potato jackets

Stuffed with feta, olives and sundried tomatoes, this recipe gives your bog-standard baked potato a sunny Mediterranean vibe.

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