Everyone knows they turn the milk chocolatey, but did you know you can make these beauties with Coco Pops?


1. Chocolate bear cake

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This really is a bear-y nice cake.


2. Mango and lime muffins

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A mango and lime muffin with a bubbly Coco Pops topping: crunchy on the outside, utterly amazing on the inside.


3. Chocolate bomb Alaska

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This divine creation is what happens when a baked Alaska meets a chocolate bombe. It can go off in our direction anytime it wants to. Just saying.


4. Marshmallow krispies

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These little fellas take us back – anyone else used to get these in their packed lunchbox?


5. Easter rabbit cake

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There’s no way we’d save this for Easter. Perfect for a kids' or, ahem, grown-ups' party, any day of the year.


6. Chocolate blinis

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That’s chocolate blinis, milk chocolate mousse and Coco Pops caviar to you. POSH-O!


7. Cake pops

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Well hello there, tasty cake pops... what fine winter coats you’ve gone and found yourselves.



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