Those mighty green spears are back in season in all their emerald glory

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Image: What's in season? Aspargus

Howard Walfish/CC BY-SA 2.0/adapted/Flickr: h-bomb

It's officially asparagus season! We've waited very patiently and now it's finally here, which means summer must be just around the corner. We can't wait to be sat in the garden, eating buttery asparagus with our fingers. Perfect. 

Make sure you buy British asparagus (generally available from until June), and check for firm, green spears, with tight, crisp tips. To keep them fresh, they should go in the salad drawer in the fridge, and always keep them in the dark.


We used to think good old-fashioned buttery asparagus was the only way to eat them, but some of these recipes look like they might just change our minds. Go on, be brave and give 'em a go.


1. Asparagus soup

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A creamy, gorgeous asparagus soup that tastes like fresh spring days. It's only got a handful of ingredients, so you can whizz it up in no time.


2. Grilled asparagus with brown butter and shallots

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This recipe for grilled asparagus sounds amazing! And browning your butter releases a gorgeous nutty aroma, too.


3. Grilled cheese with asparagus, prosciutto and brie

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Brie? Prosciutto? Asparagus cooked in the prosciutto fat? We can't take any more – we want this ultimate grilled cheese recipe right now.


4. Roasted asparagus, bacon and cheese tart

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Puff pastry, cheese, bacon, asparagus and fresh mint for the top – you've got yourself a magnificent and quite frankly jaw-droppingly beautiful tart.


5. Asparagus risotto verde

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Have you ever seen anything so green? The secret is blanching the asparagus and then pureeing the stalks, which also locks in the flavour. We can't wait to try out this vibrant green risotto.


6. Roasted asparagus

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Good old fashioned roasting – simple but delicious. Here are some (asparagus) tips for getting it just right.


7. Asparagus ice cream

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Well, why not? This might feel like a bit of a science experiment, but we're pretty sure this light, fresh, marvellous-looking ice-cream is going to be a big hit.


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