They’re bumpy, they’re knobbly and they’ve got a pretty thick skin. Yep, we’re talking pumpkins and butternut squash. Use either veggie in any of these scrumptious, seasonal recipes from roasted squash to spiced pumpkin soup.

Butternut chicken with walnuts

1. How to prepare butternut squash

Mind those fingers. Squash is a funny-shaped veggie with firm flesh and a bulbous bottom! Watch this quick ‘How to’ recipe video for the best way to prepare it.

2. Butternut squash and red pepper soup

This vibrant orange soup is guaranteed to brighten up the bleakest of days. Top with toasted seeds for tasty crunch and serve with a hunk of red onion focaccia. Yum.

3. Sage and butternut squash roll

Friends will savour a slice of this veggie roll and it’s easy to make, too. Just whip up a quick savoury sponge, spread with butternut and sage mash, then bake for 5 minutes. Rock ’n’ roll roulade.

4. Roast squash with garlic and parsley

We all love roasties with our Sunday lunch, but even us potato heads need to mix things up. With its sweet and nutty flavour, roasted pumpkin or squash  is a great alternative. Try it for yourself and see.

5.  Curried pumpkin soup

Warm up this autumn. Whiz up this souperior soup and if you are still in the halloween mood ( even though it was a while ago) decorate with a fun spider-web design. Spoon crème fraîche into a piping bag, pipe a spiral onto the surface and use a cocktail stick to form a web.

6. Butternut chicken with walnuts

You can’t beat a traybake for feeding a crowd and this one tastes divine. Tender roast chicken, chunks of sweet caramelised squash and creamy goats’ cheese – more good reasons to love autumn.