It's the pasta for potato lovers and we've found loads of things you can do with these little dumplings other than smother them with buttery pesto

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Image: Things you didn’t know you could do with gnocchi

Marco Fedele / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: marcofedele

Cover Nonna’s ears because we’re tackling so much more than what type of potato to use in your gnocchi or whether to add polenta or ricotta.


It’s time to go beyond boiling and baking because this is when gnocchi goes rogue and does wonderful things.

The Italian cottage pie

Well, swapping your mash for gnocchi to top a cottage pie isn’t too off piste as they’re both made from potato. Layer the little dumplings on top of the mince and mushroom filling, sprinkle with cheese and bake. It’s like a hug in food form.

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Italian cottage pie

Photo: Seven

The chocolate gnocchi

Meet the pasta of the pudding world. OK, so it’s more of a truffle than gnocchi, but put these babies with some raspberries and we doubt you'll quibble. 

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The frittata

This is MasterChef meets microwave but we’re not talking about ready meals.


Let the microwave do all the hard work. Ditch the diced potato and fill that frittata mix of egg, cheese, spinach and cheese with gnocchi. Just keep everyone out of the kitchen so they don’t hear the microwave ping. 

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Photo: Seven


Veg out

This is what happens when gnocchi and veg other than a potato meet – and it’s pretty.


Relax, you don’t have to say goodbye to your spuds altogether. Try adding beetroot, carrot or spinach into the gnocchi dough for a subtly sweet flavour and a pretty amazing colour. 

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Stuff it

This is the ravioli of the gnocchi world. Fill them with mixed mushrooms or spinach and ricotta and serve with a sage butter. Mmm. 

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What's your favourite way to eat gnocchi? Let us know in the comments box below ...