Picnic food doesn't have to be woefully boring. Here are some of the best picnic loaf recipes to completely transform your next day at the park

When it comes to picnicking, it’s easy to fall into the habit of running to the supermarket, buying some pitta bread and a pot of hummus and calling it a day. Friends, it's time to change. All you need is a bit of prep time and your park lunch can be transformed into something rather special. May we present: the picnic loaf. A culinary beaut that tastes as gorgeous as it looks.


1. The French picnic loaf

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This is especially pleasing as all the ingredients come from your fridge (or a tin) so it involves minimal effort. It calls to be enjoyed with a nice crisp Côte de Provence rosé. It'd be rude not to, we reckon.


2. The vegetarian picnic loaf

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Because our meat-free friends shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun, this is the vegetarian picnic loaf recipe for them.


3. Stromboli picnic loaf

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While the other recipes call for you to hollow out a bread loaf, this Stromboli picnic loaf is actually baked with ham, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. One to make when you want to impress.



4. Bacon and spinach baked eggs picnic loaf

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The are very few culinary questions that cannot be answered with the words ‘baked eggs’ and this bacon, spinach and egg recipe is no different. Amazing still warm, but equally satisfying sliced and served on paper plates.


5. Curry picnic loaf

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Satisfyingly messy, this South African street food favourite – locally known as ‘bunny chow’ – calls to be eaten with your hands. Just make sure someone’s packed napkins.


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