Easy-peasy and delicious – you'll have these desserts ready in no time at all

You’re curled up on the sofa, dressing gown on – if you’re lucky there’s a cat or two sprawled in front of a fireplace – and you’re settled in front of the TV to watch a brilliant show as the dark evening creeps in.


But something's missing, and that something is pudding. Here’s how to fix yourself a sweet treat during an advert break, so you can get back to your comfy position without missing a single thing. Dig in.


1. Chocolate peanut butter cake

Total time: 1 minute

This peanut butter cake takes just 1 minute to make. Seriously! It's like a hug for the tummy. Marvellous. You can use whatever PB you like too, so that nips those crunchy-v-smooth arguments in the bud.

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2. Cheat's apple crumble

Total time: 5 minutes


In an ideal world there'd be a piping hot, spiced apple crumble waiting for us every time we looked in the oven. We can’t make this happen for you, but we can suggest you make this delicious five-minute apple crumble-style pudding that’s whipped up in a fraction of the time it takes to make the real thing. Serve with tinned custard or a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream.

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3. Microwave chocolate brownie

Total time: 3 minutes


Far more satisfying than a little bar of chocolate, this brownie is hot, gooey and getting second helpings of the stuff is a matter of bunging the ingredients into a mug and popping it in the microwave. The super-sweet-toothed can add some cook's chocolate chips or a squeeze of toffee sauce, and if you've got any berries you can go ahead and toss them in once it's cooked, too.

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4. Fruit mousse

Total time: 5 minutes


Sometimes a light pud is just what the doctor ordered, and this mousse is the perfect solution. The method of using a food processor means this mousse goes super fluffy without you having to wait for three hours for it to chill in the fridge. Feeling fancy? Layer it in a nice glass with cream and top with fresh fruit.

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5. Chocolate chip cookie dough sundae

Total time: 2 minutes


You know how on a Sunday night in front of the telly, there's nothing better than dunking your favourite biscuits in a lovely cup of tea? This recipe takes that treat to a whole other level. Stack four of your favourite cookies (or chocolate biscuits, shortbread, chocolate fingers, whatever you fancy) between scoops of vanilla ice-cream and sprinkle with smashed cookie crumbs. Pop some fudge sauce in the microwave for a couple of seconds, drizzle and serve. Minimal effort, maximum wow factor.

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