These brekkies are a flavoursome alternative to the usual sugar-coated suspects served up in the morning. And rather sneakily, they're made with unsweetened cocoa powder

You don't need us to tell you the zillion reasons why eating breakfast is a good idea. But with an endless rota of the same old offerings, it can get a little, well, dull. 


So how about spicing things up with some gorgeous chocolatey ideas? 


Don't worry, we've not thrown all caution to the wind. Instead, we're talking nutritious recipes made that little bit more delicious thanks to a little raw cacoa power or unsweetened cocoa. 


Throw in some good grains, seeds or oats, and hey presto: we're in a very good place indeed. One small caveat: use honey, dried fruit and natural sweeteners in moderation to avoid too much natural sugar. 


Now enjoy! 


1. Quinoa coconut-cacao bar

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Hello, grab and go. These jewel-toned bars (thanks, pomegranate) meld together unsweetened cocoa powder with coconut oil and puffed up quinoa to delicious effect. Follow me for the recipe.


2. Superfood chocolate porridge 

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Top your morning porridge with blueberries, flaxseed, hemp seed, shredded coconut and unsweetened cocoa powder for a super-tasty way to kick off the day. See more here.


3. Cocoa granola 

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Honey, oats, dried fruit, cocoa… it's a bowl of total deliciousness. See how to make it here.


4. Hazelnut cocoa granola bars

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These babies are just waiting to be cling-filmed and whipped out come 7am. The nuts and toasted oats make them great all-day fuel, too. Recipe this way.


5. Yogurt chocolate smoothie

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Looks like a chocolate milkshake, tastes like banana, cocoa and peanut butter heaven. Yum. Here's how to make the shake.