From okra to fruit salad, there are so many delicious things that you can put on the top of a bit of bread


1. Sweet potato spread

Homemade sweet potato paste smothered in seeds and nuts – we’d toast ours in paprika for a punchy little something extra.


2. Caramelised banana

Something sticky and delicious for a long and lazy brunch.


3. Pizza toast

A simple way to replicate the delicious taste of pizza, without having to buy a pizza oven or wrestle with dough.

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4. Chocolate batter and fruit

Subscribing to the 'more is more' approach, this medley of doughnut peach, vegan brownie batter and almond granola is both woah and hell yeah.


5. Yogurt and avocado

A sweet-meets-savoury mash up, if ever we saw one. Sure to awaken the taste buds. 


6. White peach

Just peachy. Life’s a peach. Insert own pun and devour. 


7. Toasted marshmallows

This decadent concoction must come from the s'more school of thought – baked marshmallows and a twist of chocolate sauce. Talk about melt in the mouth.


8. Eggy bread

Bringing a whole new inventive meaning to 'egg on toast'. OK, OK, if you want to be pedantic – egg in toast. 


9. Smoked fish and mango salsa

There’s something distinctly Scandi about this smoked fish and hewn wood styling combo. 


10. Cottage cheese and pear syrup

Talk about a protein explosion – Popeye would be proud. Oh, and if you’ve never eaten cheese with jam, jelly or syrup – now’s the time to try. 


11. Ham and tomato

All those tasty things you’d put inside a sandwich – well, they taste just as brilliant piled on toast. Get experimenting now. 


12. Watercress and worcester

Who needs to go out for brunch when you can pep up a simple egg on toast with peppery watercress and a splash of the brown stuff?


13. Watermelon toast

We think perhaps this toast is having an identity crisis …


14. Chocolate spread

And ta-da! With a little steady handwork, you can turn your breakfast into a work of art.


15. Cured ham

The sort of salty snack that makes a perfect accompaniment to soup. 


16. Fig and basil

This combo is a real taste of Italy. Just add a crisp glass of wine and serve. 


17. Cashew cream spread

Break the fast with this pleasing vegan delight. 


18. Smoked salmon and avocado

Something fishy this way comes!


19. Tomato and mozzarella

The sticky balsamic glaze is going to make the flavours jump right off the toast, (and into your mouth!). 


20. Five-a-day

This is a bit like a salad niçoise on toast. Only without the tuna.


21. Avocado and egg

OK. It's not a new one – but isn't this just the softest boiled egg there ever was? We’d add a sprinkling of red chill flakes, too. 


22. Fresh spinach and walnuts

Crunchy, leafy and – we promise – not just for Thursdays. 


23. Honeycomb and ice-cream

One to save for special occasions? Pah, we’d eat it every night if we could! 


24. Lady finger

Morning glory, ladyfinger or okra – whatever you call it, now’s the time to try it on toast. It’s green al dente bite pairs well with egg, just saying.


25. Hummus and pepper

Hummus, cucumber and chilli flakes – crunchy, filling and if you don’t mind, we’d like another slice.


26. Mushrooms and blue cheese

All three of these slices look right up our street – must we choose only one? 


27. Fruit salad style

Toast fit for Carmen Miranda! 


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