Oh, Gingernut. How we love you! Sweet, spicy and with a distinctive buttery crunch ... good for so much more than just dunking


Gingernut log

Caramel sauce, honey, whipped cream and a train of Gingernut biscuits. HELL YES.

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Ginger cake

This sticky date and Gingernut biscuit combo makes for an amazing sweet-savoury cake that’s as perfect with your morning coffee as it is your afternoon tea.

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Chocolate swirl cheesecake

Uh huh, you guessed it – Gingernut biscuits make an exceedingly excellent cheesecake base. Perfect texture, perfect crunch plus a heady hit of ginger. We’ll be having an extra large slice if you don’t mind.

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Banoffee tart

Oo la la, we can’t say no to this tasty little tart. Gingernuts smashed and pressed into a tart tin, caramel sauce and daub of cream and banana on top. Yes please missus. 

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Bite size spice

Part way between a cheesecake and a flapjack, this pop-in-your-mouth size treat is creamy, dense and tangy with the flavours of ginger AND pineapple. Try it, you might like it.

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Rainbow pie

Come rain or shine, this pie will fill your day with colour. Pot of gold sadly not included.

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Rainbow Pie

Via: Eve from bakingtheday.co.uk


Crazy cake

As if mixing Gingernut biscuits, marshmallows, Maltesers, Digestives and cherries wasn’t cuckoo enough, some brilliant loony went one step further and threw edible glitter into the mix as well. K-razy.

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Perfect balance

Whoever bought together the sharp freshness of kiwi fruit and the spicy sweetness of the Gingernut biccie is an evil genius. One slice is never going to be enough.

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Work it baby

So, the quinoa, coconut oil and sultanas make this gingery slice healthier right? Well, jokes aside these fudgy slices are genuinely power packed with energy – a perfect post-workout treat. 

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What could be more marvellous than adding a spike of ginger to meringue? Crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle …!

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Easy like sundae morning

A twist on the classic knickerbocker glory, this version uses ginger nut biscuits, banana, dulce de leche sauce and mascarpone for a rich after-dinner treat. A heart attack in a glass, if you like. Yikes!

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Ham it up

Our crazy American friends might use gingersnap cookies to spice up their ham roast, but we reckon this would taste just as good with a Gingernut biscuit crumb.

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