We love cooking with beer. Here's proof that the humble pint can be a gourmet delight

People have been cooking beautiful dishes with wine since the coq au vin first crossed the road, but how about our other favourite tipple? Hop to it, guys. 


From dark, treacly stout to floral ales and your old faithful lager, there's basically nothing you can buy in a pint glass that won't also taste great in your dinner – or your pudding for that matter. So crack open a cold one and let these beautiful beer recipes brew up some inspiration.


Beer and pretzel cupcakes

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Not only do these salty-sweet treats marry beer with one of the world's greatest bar snacks, they also look like tiny fairytale castles. Just watch where you put them or you'll have someone's eye out.


Beer-battered Brussels sprouts with maple-mustard sauce

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Why should fish have all the fun? From the most hated greens to deep-fried delights, these beery sprouts are definitely one way to liven up a vegan Christmas dinner.



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Stout! Stout! Let it all out … Your love for this twist on a classic tiramisu, that is. Biscuits, coffee, mascarpone, amaretto and a healthy glug of beer make it so decadent it probably shouldn't be allowed.


Pumpkin beer bread

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Because beer bread isn't enough of a flavour revelation to get your head around, you can make it seasonal the best way Pinterest knows how: just add pumpkin.


Garlic, bacon and beer macaroni cheese

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Mac 'n' cheese 'n' garlic 'n' bacon 'n' beer might not have quite such a catchy ring to it, but there's no way this combo could be anything other than amazing.


Crispy beer chicken with creamy beer mushroom gravy

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Lager may not often score many foodie points, but in this drunken chicken recipe it makes a stellar (or Stella) marinade. The lager mushroom gravy is a boozy bonus, too. Hic.


Beer candied bacon

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In official terms, this combination works because the bitter, savoury flavour of the stout perfectly balances the salty bacon and caramel-sweet hit of molten brown sugar. Or you could just say "BEER. CANDY. BACON." and leave it at that.


Brie and cheddar apple beer soup

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Sadly, you can't just pour beer into a bowl and call it "beer soup". But you CAN add two types of cheese, apples, pecans and cinnamon and legitimately call it dinner. What a world.


Dark ale cottage pie with vintage cheddar mash

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We're all familiar with a glug of beer in a pastry-topped pie, but why stop there? Next time you make one of the shepherd's or cottage variety, leave the bottle of red in the cupboard and get your umami fix from ale instead.


Beer can chicken

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We've all heard the legend that is beer can chicken – a chicken with a can of beer where the sun don't shine, steaming away on the barbecue and making the meat all juicy and delicious. But did you know you can also do it in your own kitchen, whatever the weather? Believe.


Drunken beans

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Officially known as frijoles borracho, this low-and-slow Mexican side dish is made by simmering beans in bacon, spices and a whole bottle of dark Negra Modelo lager. Serve them on the side of tacos or fajitas, or plonk them on toast and call it "fusion cuisine".





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