Pub food prices are up, so when the chips are down treat yourself to pub grub at home

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Fish and chips

Seth Anderson / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: swanksalot

According to recent research, pub food prices are up by 11% over the last year.


We found this news rather upsetting, especially given that the whole point of pub grub is that it's simple, honest and, we thought, affordable. 


But as someone once said, when god gives you potatoes, make some delicious buttery mash. 


So, here are 11 delicious pub-inspired recipes to make at home instead.


1. Cheat's chicken pies

These quick and easy puff pastry chicken pies take a mere 30 minutes to get on the table. That's you, winning lunch with ready-made pastry. See recipe.

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2. Crunchy roast potatoes

The secret to the perfect roastie is in the potato variety, the season and the shake. Read on, dear reader. See recipe.

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Roast potatoes

Photo: Jonathan Gregson


3. Fish & chips

It's a great British dish that often comes at a premium nowadays. Bring it back to earth with this super simple recipe. See recipe.

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4. Individual steak & ale pies

Have a play with the ingredients of this recipe and chuck in your favourite veg. It's a can't-go-wrong dish (just make sure you turn the oven on).

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5. Garlic & parmesan olive oil mash

Anyone can make mash, but can anyone make garlic and parmesan mash? Actually, yes, they can. See recipe.

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Photo: Martin Poole


6. Rare roast beef with mustard & garlic soured cream

Stop staring, it's embarrassing. See recipe.

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Roast beef

Photo: Brett Stevens


7. Roast pork belly with apple, sour cherry & fennel chutney

We're spicing it up with chilli, fennel and star anise. For those who like a bit of fancy shmancy. See recipe.

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Roast pork belly

Photo: Jonathan Gregson


8. Sausages & mash with onion gravy

Behold, the beloved British banger and its best friend, creamy mash. See recipe.

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9. Slow-roasted pork belly with salsa verde

Pubs are all over pork belly right now, and quite right too – sumptuous, meltingly tender flesh and crispy crackling is a winner every time. See recipe.

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Slow-roasted pork belly

Photo: Yuki Sugiura


10. Ultimate burger

When nothing else will do, a show-stopping burger makes everything seem right with the world. See recipe

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11. All-in-one roast chicken with aioli

And then there was soul-warming, heart-melting, tummy-filling roast chicken. See recipe.

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Roast chicken

Photo: Jan Baldwin