If your Valentine loves animals as much as they love you, cook up one of these romantic vegetarian recipes

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Image: Vegetarian Valentine’s dishes (that would make even Cupid proud)

Via veggieverymuch.com

Beetroot and mozzarella salad

These ace vegetarian recipes aren't just for Valentine's Day – have them up your sleeve for whenever you need to treat, apologise, or woo the lover in your life!


Fancy a date?

With bulgur wheat, broad beans and pistachios? You're on.

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Bulgur, broad beans and dates salad with griddled broccoli

Photograph: Brett Stevens


Love buns

Things might get steamy with these carrot and cabbage Chinese buns. Xiao bao (meaning "little bun") is actually a term of endearment in China. Bring on the sweet chilli sauce!


Artichoke heart tart

It's quite astounding what you can do with six ingredients. Thank you veggie much.

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Spinach, Artichoke and Caramelized Leek Tart

Via savorysimple.net


Sumptuous saffron

Those delicate strands of flavour are worth more than their weight in gold and give this ambrosial saffron and butternut squash risotto tons of extra "oooh" factor.

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Saffron Butternut Squash Risotto

Via meettheshannons.com


It takes two to tofu

... which is just as well because this chilli-roasted tofu salad takes two to share!

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Via sproutedkitchen.com


Sweet potato vichyssoise

We can't stop saying vichyssoise ... it just sounds so cheffy. And this creamy chilled soup is topped with ginger-kissed pumpkin seeds. Oh stop it, you.

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Sweet potato vichyssoise

Via designlovefest.com


How you doin' treacle?

Pretty well actually in a delectable-soda-bread-sprinkled-with-golden-sesame-seeds kinda way. Go on ... tear off a hunk and get buttered up.

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treacle soda bread (with sesame seeds)

Via all-that-glisters-is-not-gold.blogspot.co.uk


Rooting for you

Show you're intending to stick around by putting these beetroots down. Aww.

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Valentine's Day salad

Via veggieverymuch.com


Mushrooming love

Fungus might not seem immediately romantic, agreed. However, this portobello carpaccio pizza is sophistication personified.

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Via keepinitkind.com


And that s'moré!

Indoor s'mores to be precise. Chocolate and marshmallow in one unctious melting pot eaten with digestive biscuits. Give us more. Lots more.

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