It’s easy to see why the Bourbon biscuit is king – and it's so versatile, too

With its dark chocolate-flavoured outer layers and buttercream filling, the Bourbon biscuit has become a tea-break favourite. But did you know it’s also nifty in the baking department? Read on and prepare to salivate …



Bourbon biscuit fairies

A whole load of chocolatey, spongy goodness with a delicious Bourbon wedged on top. Yes please.

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Flirty thirty cake

A recipe directly from the pages of the book written by last year’s Great British Bake Off-winner, Frances Quinn, this divine creation has a chocolate orange sponge, chocolate ganache filling and a host of Bourbon biscuits marking out a big 3-0 across the top. The definitive (30-year-old) Bourbon-lover’s cake.

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Graveyard soufflé

OK, so you’ll have to bear with us – the graveyard reference is slightly tenuous. But imagine adding some spooky characters to the top of this cake, or a cotton-candy spider web – now you can see that the Bourbon looks like a crumbling gravestone, right? Right?!

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Sweetie pie

Got something of a sweet tooth? Then this sugary slice will be right up your alley. Condensed milk, dark chocolate, Digestive biscuits, Bourbon biscuits and Dolly Mixtures to decorate. Beware of he inevitable sugar crash. 

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Hide and seek cake 

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with Bourbon, Oreo and cheesecake. Oops. Did we give it away already?

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Choc lime pie

A rather nice riff on a traditional key lime pie – this recipe uses crushed Bourbon’s in the base. Did you know you don't even need a food processor to finely crumb the Bourbons to perfection? That’s right, you can just as easily use a rolling pin, a plastic bag and a bit of brute force. 

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Bourbon biscuit bake

Biscuity and cakey, squidgy yet crunchy. This biscuit bonanza of a bake contains only six ingredients most of which are – no prizes for guessing – Bourbon biscuits. Spectacular.

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Ice-cream pie

How ice-cream pie with Bourbon biscuits has been a thing that we haven’t yet tried, we do not know. About to rectify without hesitation. See you on the other side. 

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Popcorn crunch cookies

There’s little we love more than a good film and a date with the sofa. So we’re going starry eyed for this cinema-style snack. Just-baked cookies with popcorn and shards of Bourbon biscuit. Quiet at the back please. Oh, and please turn off that mobile phone. 

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Totally tropical taste sensation

Imagine combining the exotic tanginess of a mango with the chocolaty crunch of a Bourbon? Well, imagine no more – this recipe does just that. And it looks hella pretty, too.

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