Just a pinch of sumac, the spice-of-the-moment, can liven up anything from grilled fish to your morning eggs

Sumac – foodies everywhere are dusting in on their salads, rubbing it into meat or simply adding a little to their hummus to give it some zing. This tangy, lemony spice is here to stay. Here are 10 delicious ways to bring sumac to the table...


1. Sumac sweet potato wedges

Add a dusting of citrusy sumac to wedges for a delicious balance of sweet and (a little bit) sour flavour.

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Sumac sweet potato wedges

Via: Homemade


2. Sumac roasted veg with couscous

Whether you're a veggie or just trying out meat-free Mondays, you can liven up your veg by sprinkling on sumac and drizzling over olive oil before roasting.

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Sumac roasted veg with couscous

Via: Homemade


3. Turkish eggs with sumac yogurt

Swap the full English for this Turkish delight – menemen is eggs served with tomatoes, chilli, cumin, parsley and a generous helping of sumac-infused yogurt.

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4. Lime and sumac salmon

Pair sumac with lime zest and fennel and you’ve got yourself a seriously tasty spice-rub.

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5. Grilled asparagus and poached eggs with sumac hollandaise

A fresh take on a classic – and one way to spice up breakfast in bed.

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6. Spiced chicken butternut couscous

This spicy cumin and sumac recipe decorated with pomegranate seeds is perfect for Moroccan-inspired dinner parties.

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7. Spiced chicken butternut couscous

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Karen Thomas


7. Za'atar popcorn

Possibly the most delicious flavour combo for popcorn... Za'atar is a spicy mix of thyme, sesame and sumac.

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8. Asparagus and halloumi Mediterranean salad

A pinch of sumac livens up an ordinary salad dressing. Much better than your average vinaigrette.

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9. Asparagus, halloumi and Mediterranean zesty salad

Via: Homemade


9. Sumac lamb meatballs

Give your meatballs some TLC with cumin, coriander and, you've guessed it, sumac.

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10. Vanilla and sumac poached pears

Sumac works in puds, too – simply sprinkle a little over vanilla poached pears for a unique treat.

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