Deeply coloured and amazingly versatile. Join Homemade's Sophie Cullinane in a glorious homage to the amazing aubergine

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Image: 10 absolutely boss aubergine recipes

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When it comes to aubergine, most people fall into two camps: either you turn up your nose at the vegetable’s admittedly slightly unusual texture, or you revel in all its flavour-absorbing gooey gloriousness.


As someone who has been a resident of both camps – I used to hate them and now I can’t get enough – I’m more qualified than most to say that even the biggest vehement aubergine detractor can be turned with the right recipe, which is where these 10 completely genius ideas come in. Prepare to have your mind totally blown by the power of the mighty aubergine. Or something …


Baba ganoush

Although it’s as ubiquitous as hummus in places like Turkey, Egypt and Greece, baba ganoush is a far more smoky, zingy and it's just an exceptionally good thing to dip your pitta bread into. Plus, it’s all whizzed up so even people who complain about the texture of aubergine will be into this. We promise.


Aubergine and peanut curry 

This recipe – which is deliciously flavoured with peanuts, sesame, spices, onions and tomato – makes perfect use of aubergine’s sponge-like quality and packs a serious flavour punch. A proper winner.


Brinjal pickle

Just a properly delicious chutney that's as amazing served with cold meats as it is next to a curry for a stack of poppadoms. Again, the aubergine acts as a carrier for the complex mixture of spices in this pickle, so there's no real excuse not to give this a go. G'wan. We dare you.  



No, it's not just that film about a rat. It's also a completely delicious celebration of Provençal flavours and it goes amazingly with fish, meat and cheese. Come on people: try and join us up here. 



Many people have a pretty rubbish view of moussaka due to the sometimes brick-like stodgy affairs you'll find at carveries all over this fair land, but a good moussaka is a joy to behold. Sure, the aubergine isn't the main star here, but that doesn't make it any less of an epic dish. It'll blow your mind.



Caponata is an amazing piquant dish of stewed Mediterranean vegetables that has both sweet and sour flavours and transforms the humble into something truly opulent. It's the type of veggie dish that will make all your meat-eating friends properly regret their order. Which is a good thing. Smug meaty twits.



There's nothing quite like a encrusting something in flaky pastry – like with these tiny Greek pies – to make even the naysayers suddenly get on board. 


Miso aubergine

Miso, honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, chilli, garlic and spring onions. That combination will make literally anything taste amazing, but it's especially boss with aubergines. There are plenty of recipes all over the web, so take your pick.


Moroccan lamb with aubergine

In my humble opinion, this is the king of tagines and it's because the aubergine soaks up all the headily scented oils, which makes the lamb deliciously moist. I'm salivating. 



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