Posh up your tipple: coffee-infused rum, blackberry vodka, oh, and apple pie whiskey…

Want something extra special for your tipple in the run-up to Christmas? Of course you do. From herby and floral notes to full-on sweet and savoury flavours that pack a real punch (especially if you shot them), here’re some infusion ideas to customise your favourite spirits…


Coffee infusions

Most infusions take at least a couple of days to make and this one takes even longer, but it's worth it. Leave your coffee beans, cinnamon, cacao nibs, orange peel, vanilla and sugar to ferment in your booze (the recipe calls for white rum or vodka) for three weeks before serving however you like your coffee liqueur – we'll take a round of espresso martinis.

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Vodka with blueberry and basil

This rich, sweet infusion is balanced with the last-minute addition of fresh basil. Delicious served with a good tonic water and lots of ice – see recipe here.

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Tequila with grapefruit and jalapeño

This recipe is a real corker – the zesty, sharp grapefruit juice and spicy hum of jalapeño balance the fresh, green tequila flavour. Drink straight in a tumbler over ice, or add agave syrup to make a pimped-up Tommy's margarita.

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Apple pie whisky

Genius. This recipe uses apple, cinnamon and lemon. Serve with lemonade if you want to sweeten the taste, or a splash of soda if you don't. For extra indulgence, sip between mouthfuls of the actual dessert. Double pie points.

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Strawberry tequila

If you like cosmopolitans, you'll love strawberry-infused tequila. It's sweet, easy to make and very, very drinkable. Add fresh mint leaves towards the end of the process for a fresh taste or, for anyone who loves strawberry salad, basil is a great savoury twist.

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Beetroot and horseradish vodka

Beetroot and horseradish vodka is just calling out to be stirred into a bloody Mary, isn't it? A bit of a wild card, but the mellow beets will balance the punchy horseradish in this infusion, and if you've tried the sweeter blends, then this mix is a great starting point for your savoury booze collection.

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Elderflower gin

Elderflower-infused gin makes for one heavenly garden party. Those little flowers taste great with fresh mint leaves, so swap this one for the rum in your mojitos and you'll have something really special. 

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