Because no Christmas movie experience is complete without a themed snack

The festive season is as much about the food as it is about the telly. It’s just not the same without hours spent expanding your ever-expanding bottom watching films you have already seen twenty times. So why not add a new and delicious dimension by selecting a snack to match? Genius, huh?


The movie: Home Alone

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home alone

Via: Home Alone / 20th Century Fox /

The snack: Milk and cookies

To me, Kevin McAllister’s Christmas ordeal looks less like a LOLZapoppin’ festive romp and more like the scariest experience this side of the London Dungeons. If I was an abandoned child over the holidays and burglars came, I wouldn’t be able to cleverly outwit them with a series of marble based booby traps. Watching Home Alone is a key part of Christmas but you need something comforting to eat to counteract the scariness. The sort of thing your Mum might make you.


These Betty Crocker cookies are a perfect speedy home made cheat - if you want to be fancy, add a few extra chocolate buttons (or even Smarties if you’re feeling creative.) Heat up some full fat milk on the stove, and whisk with a couple of shakes of cinnamon for a warming, horchata style treat. For adults who are young at heart, a dash of brandy or Baileys turns up the heat.


The movie: Miracle On 34th Street

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Via: Miracle on 34th Street / 20th Century Fox /

The snack: Manhattan grilled cheese

A Manhattan movie needs a New Yorky food to match. Start simple - make a classic white bread cheese sandwich, ideally with at least two different kinds of cheese. Purists recommend a mix of mild cheddar and Muenster. The 'grilled' part is misleading here, as tradition dictates you heat up a teaspoon of butter in a medium frying pan, and then fry each sandwich on both sides until golden - 3-5 minutes on each side should do it. 


The Movie: Die Hard

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die hard

Via: Die Hard / 20th Century Fox /

The snack: Turkey burger


Yippee-ki-yay, mother muncher! When you’ve spent more than 48 hours with your family, Die Hard is the greatest release for all that pent up tension and aggression. Watch Bruce Willis take everyone out with nothing more than a selection of firearms and a vest, and imagine that he’s you, avenging your stuffing and annihilating everyone who ever said it was soggy. You can’t eat sugared almonds while watching Die Hard - you need something macho, uncompromising, but a bit festive. If you’re feeling up to it, mix together turkey mince, lemon, seasoning salt and pepper and top with punchy salsa.


Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

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wonderful life

Via: It's a wonderful life / Liberty Films /

The snack: Chocolate marshmallow popcorn


It simply isn’t Christmas unless you set aside a couple of hours for a good weep. Frank Capra’s Kleenex classic will have your face leaking like an unserviced Victorian boiler, so you’re going to need a treat that is as tasty as it is absorbent. Your popcorn making method will vary but choose an oil with a high smoke point (peanut and grapeseed are good) and use a tablespoon to every 50g of kernels you wish to pop. Use a lidded pan, and once it’s popped, add a mix of marshmallows and chocolate. The choc will melt and stick to the popcorn, and the action of eating will help take your mind off the fact that life is unbearably short and precious. 


The movie: Elf

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Via: Elf / New Line Cinema /

The snack: Peppermint ice cream


Few things evoke the spirit of the season quite like Buddy the Elf trying to deal with life away from Lapland. Buddy has a fondness for candy canes, which are aesthetically pleasing but, let’s face it, not really an acceptable adult snack. If we were into that sort of thing, we’d all be getting through about four bags of Fox’s Glacier Mints a week instead of leaving one in the car and remembering it six months later.


Peppermint ice cream has the right vibe but it’s a bit easier to eat when you’re watching a movie. Take a basic ice cream recipe but replace the vanilla with peppermint extract - you can even throw in a little crushed candy cane, to show willing. If you're feeling super lazy there's always readymade stuff.

Enjoy putting those slippers ocked feet up. You may or may not deserve it.