If a simple snowball doesn't get your heart racing, shake up a funky festive tipple with mincemeat, sage or even gingerbread

From pumpkin to coconut sorbet, it seems you can put pretty much anything in a cocktail at Christmas. Things are about to get interesting ...


Developed by Sainsbury's and top mixologist JJ Goodman of the London Cocktail Club, its got all the flavours of Christmas and uses up that half a jar of mincemeat.


Take 50ml of Irish cream liqeur, 25ml cognac, 2 tsps mincemeat and 25ml whole milk. Shake with ice, strain and garnish with a strip of clementine zest. Ta-dah!

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The Mincemeat Irish cocktail



If you can bear the thought of pumpkin again after Halloween, then whisk up this Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum. It sounds weird we know. But trust us, it works.

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Black lava salt

Never heard of it? We hadn't either. But it sure makes a funky garnish on this Ultimate Bloody Mary. As you can see, there's cooked crabs' legs, prawns and cherry toms in there too ... everything bar the kitchen sink! 

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Maple syrup and bacon

You wouldn't know by looking, but this unassuming pisco sour is infused with bacon and sweetened with maple syrup for an irresistible smoky-sweet flavour. The technique's called "fat washing" apparently! Well, one to try.

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Cranberry and orange

Love a Dark and Stormy? Then give it a Christmasy makeover with the fruity festive combo of cranberry and orange

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Chilli and cocoa

It's a familiar pairing in a choccy bar, but have you ever tried chilli and chocolate in a cocktail? NO? Well, here's the Red Hot Santa TiniOne to put hairs on your chest.

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Seasonal sage

We thought sage was just for stuffing, but maybe not. It certainly looks pretty stylish in this Honey and Sage Gin Fizz. We want it. ASAP!

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Bitter orange marmalade

Marmalade's going way beyond its usual preserve as a spread for toast and stepping right into your Martini. Whatever next? A marmalade-muddled mince pie? Hmmm ... that's not a bad thought.

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Cookies meet cocktail in this sweet and spicy tipple. If you like gingerbread, you'll love this.

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At last. A solution for all those who'd rather have a beer than a cocktail – a Stout Gingerbread Flip. We love the lemon peel and crystal ginger skewer. Classy stuff.

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Coconut snowball

Coconut water, vanilla vodka and a "real" snowball made from coconut sorbet. Don't mind if we do.

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Got an interesting Christmas cocktail recipe to share? Tell everyone how good it is in the comments