How about a Christmas dinner burger washed down with sprout juice and a Christmas pudding pizza to follow?

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A flaming Christmas pudding pizza. Whatever next?

When you’re a proper adult (whenever that is), Christmas becomes less about tearing into the presents while it’s still dark outside and more about how many mince pies and slices of turkey you can eat.

This year our festive favourites are experiencing something of a mashup, so if you find a Brussels sprout hard to stomach then you might want to look away now.

Beat these, Santa.

The Christmas burger

What is it? A Christmas dinner in a burger with ALL the trimmings (and we mean all)

Where? K West Hotel & Spa, London

We say: is there nothing they won’t put in a burger?


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Christmas dinner pizza

What is it? Laden with turkey, pigs in blankets, chestnut studding, roast potatoes, root veg, redcurrant compote and bread sauce

Where? We’re staying with the Mayfair Pizza Co for a moment

We say: the full festive feast on one plate of dough. Moving might be tricky after this …

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The Christmas nugget

What is it: buttermilk-fried turkey thigh, ginger pigs in blankets wrapped around a melting cheese sauce core in a crispy panko crumb and served with cranberry ketchup

Where: Hawksmoor

We say: this is like a scotch egg but with a cheese centre, apparently. We’re confused

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Turkey doughnuts

What is it: turkey and a cranberry sauce surrounded by pillowy soft dough

Where: Zucker Bakery in New York

We say: these may have been invented for Thanksgiving but we have a suspicion that they could be sticking around for December too

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Turkey Doughtnuts

Via Instagram / zuckerbakery


Brussels sprout juice

What is it? Hardcore purists can take a neat shot of the green stuff but otherwise it comes mixed with fruit juice

Where? It first raised its green head last year and it seems it’s back. Try whipping some up at home (just make sure you have a nose peg to hand)

We say: love them or hate them, they are a Christmas Day staple (just maybe not in juice form)

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Brussels sprouts

Via Barbara L Hanson / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: baha1210


Mince pie cocktail

What is it? You can use bourbon, rum, or gin

Where? Numerous bars will be shaking and stirring this Christmas cocktail or you could make one at home (try this recipe)

We say: what’s not to like?

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Mince pies

Via Laura Edwards /


Christmas pudding pizza

What is it? Pieces of Christmas pudding crumbled onto a pizza and served flaming with a good dollop of brandy custard and redcurrant compote

Where? Mayfair Pizza Co

We say: well, we do like a Nutella pizza …

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Buck’s Fizz marmalade with edible glitter

What is it? A dash of prosecco, Marc de Champagne, glitter (that’s right) and Seville oranges

Where? Fortnum & Mason

We say: it would be rude not to

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Bucks fizz marmalade

Via Fortnum and Mason /



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