You can make anything look like a Christmas pudding, you know. Even a Tunnock's teacake …

Ah Christmas pudding: the sight of it all ablaze sets your heart aflutter, you gladly make tummy space for whatever Auntie Doris leaves on her plate and you’ve even been known to buy one early and microwave it all for yourself.


Or maybe you can’t stand the stuff. You stick ardently to bûche de noëls and sherry trifles, and you've become quite the expert at stealing all the purple ones from the communal tin of Quality Street while everyone else is distracted by the pud.


But whether you love Christmas pudding and want everything to look like one or hate it and need an alternative, here are 14 Christmas pudding-themed treats to pick from. We know, we know – it's just what you always wanted.


1. Profiteroles

Filled with brandy-infused whipped cream and piled high to the sky. Ooh.

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Via: Homemade


2. Cookies

Try to save a couple to leave out for Santa. We know it's hard.

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Via: Homemade


3. Cake pops

Easy to make with shop-bought fruit cake, icing and the ingredient we can't get enough of at this time of year – edible glitter.

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4. Macarons

A cute edible gift for whoever's been super nice to you this year.

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5. Whoopie pies

Pillowy meringue-like cakes sandwiched with chocolate buttercream. We'll eat as many as you can make.

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6. Truffles

Fruit cake smothered in dark and white chocolate makes for one merry and moreish mouthful. OK, two merry and moreish mouthfuls (it’s impossible to stop at one – don’t try).

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7. Oreos

Again, smothered in chocolate.

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8. Terry's chocolate orange

Covered with chocolate ganáche and Maltesers. Why? Well, why not.

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9. Chocolate digestives

Because you can’t eat a plain chocolate digestive at this time of year ...

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10. Apples

After toffee apples for Bonfire night, this felt like the natural next step.

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11. Chocolate rice crispy cakes

No prizes for guessing that the kids will choose these over actual Christmas pudding every time.

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12. Muffins

Drizzle chocolate chip muffins with melted white chocolate, add berries and leaves made from icing and you've got yourself a festive snack to go.

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13. Iced Christmas pudding bomb

Raisins, sultanas and pecan nuts suspended in cream cheese and double cream. Cor blimey.

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Iced Xmas pudding bomb

Via: Homemade


14. Tunnock’s teacake

We reckon these knock the mince pie off the festive treat top spot. What do you think?

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