Is being doused in hollandaise the highest state a poached egg or asparagus spear can attain? We say yes

Hollandaise sauce is a notorious curdler with a very fine line between a rich, silky sauce and, well, scrambled eggs.

There's no denying it's hard work, so what dishes are worth such a gargantuan effort for such a tricky sauce? Let us tell you.

Baked Florentine eggs

This silky blend of spinach, hollandaise, crème fraiche and eggs makes a light but filling meal. Serve in ramekins with slices of toast on the side. 

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All it's cracked up to be: try this baked egg florentine recipe

Wasabi hollandaise-dipped asparagus

Think life doesn’t get much better than dunking some asparagus spears into that silky smooth hollandaise? Try adding a grating of wasabi. You can thank us later. 

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Basil hollandaise

They say you should never mess with the classics but that was until some genius decided to add basil into the hollandaise mix. 

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Bubble and squeak, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

Bubble and squeak was made for a festive brunch. Adding asparagus, hollandaise sauce and an egg will make it even more wonderful.

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Avocado hollandaise

We love avocado. We love hollandaise. Why did we not know about this?

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Eggs benedict with gammon

You’ve got to love a good old leftovers dish, right? Turn that Christmas gammon into an indulgent brunch dish – you could even use roast turkey. 

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