Goodbye chocolate selection box (noooo!), hello raw vegetable muesli. It's Christmas hampers as you've never known them before

The turkey and cranberry sandwiches are plentiful, mince pies have already been devoured by the dozen and our favourite coffee shops are vying for our affection with their festive flavoured drinks.


Christmas is on its way folks and it’s time to reach for those elasticated trousers … or maybe not.


We’re sorry to tell you but Christmas is no longer about overindulgence (cue crying) as health-conscious shoppers are swapping their festive foods for quinoa, coconut oil, goji berries and grain-free cereals. Seriously.


Step forward the "healthy hamper" craze. Containing such treats as virtuous grains, hemp protein powder and even vitamin tablets (yes, you read that right), these are aimed at a healthier Christmas.

Chinzalee Sonami, head grocery buyer and hamper creator at Planet Organic, told The Observer: “Traditionally, we’ve sold hampers filled with fine foods, fine olive oils, balsamic vinegars, indulgent chocolates … But we have had a lot of clients request healthier, more nutritious hampers that are still fun.”


So, loosen your grip on that box of mince pies because it’s time to get into the festive spirit with, um, raw vegetable muesli, magnesium flakes and chia jam.


So what exactly is in a "healthy hamper"? *gulp*

What: Healthy Hamper
From: Primrose's Kitchen
Swap your mince pie for: a trio of raw nut butters (almond and hemp, almond and chia and five seed butters), raw vegetable muesli
We say: you might struggle to prize that plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon out of our hands on Christmas morning

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What: Healthy and Fit
From: Whole Foods Market
Swap your mince pie for: hemp protein powder, vitamin C supplements, magnesium flakes and a yoga mat
We say: maybe we’ll keep this one for January

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What: the raw foodist
From: Planet Organic
Swap your mince pie for: bread made from broccoli, coconut oil, raw tahini, raw chocolate
We say: at least they’ve snuck some chocolate into this one

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Coconut oil

Via Phu Thinh Co / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: phuthinhco

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