These beauties won’t be relegated to the back of the cupboard. Promise

Yes, our relationship with kitchen gadgets has got a bit out of hand (we’re looking at you vegetable cushions and egg slicers) but these will solve the problems you didn’t even know you had.

Go on, spoil yourself (*coughs* – we mean spoil your loved ones).

The iKettle

What? A WiFi kettle which can be controlled from anywhere in the house by your smartphone. We’re particularly fond of the alarm that asks if you would like a cup of tea when the water's boiled and then, after a suitable dozing period, asks if you would prefer it to be kept warm for half an hour
Price: £99.99
Get it for: yourself. Well, you have been very good this year
We say: this is better than a butler

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The cookie catcher

What? The mesh design stops those soggy crumbs ruining your brew. Phew
Price: £2
Get it for: everyone and anyone who enjoys a cuppa. This will save your biscuits, people
We say: now this is what we call a teabag

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The latte art pen aka the CinniBird

What? This genius pen allows you to draw and write on food and drinks with ground cinnamon, cocoa powder, paprika – the options are endless (well, almost)
Price: £28
Get it for: a coffee lover
We say: finally we can play with our food and call it art

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The smoking gun

What: it may look like a blowtorch but the PolyScience will smoke fish, chicken or scallops in seconds
Price: £59.99
Get it for: the one who watches MasterChef
We say: you can even add smoke to cocktails. Can we have a go, please?

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The spiralizer

What? Oh spiralizer, you are the gadget of the year
Price: £29.99
Get it for: those Deliciously Ella and Hemsley + Hemsley wannabes
We say: hello courgetti (that’s courgette pasta, don’t you know). Go on, give it a whirl

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How to make the perfect steak (it’s foolproof)

What? The ultimate idiot-proof app and frying pan combo. It tells you what to do and when to do it, and will even remind you to turn the hob off afterwards. How considerate. Its talents extend to pasta carbonara, seared scallops, buttermilk pancakes and beef stroganoff too
Price: £127
Get it for: those who lack the cooking gene
We say: watch out, Heston

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The Handpresso Wild Hybrid

What: a small portable espresso machine which uses ground coffee or pods. It doesn’t need electricity, just muscles
Price: €79
Get it for: the ones who can’t function without their caffeine fix
We say: you will never be without a decent espresso again. Thank goodness

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