Prettify your cakes with this simplest-ever Christmas hack

You like the idea of a blissful Sunday afternoon spent baking Christmas treats, labouring over snowman biscuits and sculpting an intricate marzipan snowscape to sit atop the Christmas cake. But the reality is you'd rather spend it putting your feet up before the last-minute Christmas shopping commences. Plus, Strictly's on telly.


It's just as well then that we stumbled across this time-saving hack that purports to make your baked goodies look all festive without you barely having to lift a finger. It looked super simple, but was it? In short, yes!

Step 1

Make or buy your cake – a dark colour works best so chocolate cake is ideal. If it has a bumpy surface, smooth it down with a knife dipped in warm water. Then place the doily on top (ours was felt, but any fabric doily works).

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Step 2

Dust the icing sugar over the cake using a shaker or a sieve, making sure you’ve got good coverage.

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icing sugar

Step 3

Carefully lift off the doily. Et voilà! A very Christmassy chocolate cake. 

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lift doily