A sleeping bag in the shape of a slice of pizza! Spreadable beer! Santa, you are spoiling us…

Don’t worry St Nick, we’ve got the Christmas list for foodies sorted. 


Bacon soap

Come again? Out of the frying pan and into the, um, bath? Bacon soap is a thing
Price: £5
Get it for: Bacon lovers
We say: Who wouldn’t want to smell of bacon? *coughs*

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Blue Beer

Come again? Yep, it's bluer than blue, beer. Perfect for your blueberry-eating, aquamarine-wearing, pisces pal
Price: £4.99 for a single can
Get it for: Smurf fans
We say: Mix up the Christmas tipple with a pint of blue

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Slice of pizza sleeping bag

Come again? That’s right, now you can take a nap in a slice of pizza
Price: £131.20
Get it for: The one who eats, naps and talks pizza
We say: That crust looks awfully comfy

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Pizza sleeping bag

Via: Etsy / Bfiberandcraft


Spreadable beer

Come again? Yes, spreadable beer exists and yes, you put it on your toast. It comes in two "hoppy" flavours: dark or blonde beer
Get it for: A sibling or as a stocking filler

We say: There’s a new spread in town and it’s alcohol-free which means you can have it for breakfast

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Heinz beanz can light

Come again? Breakfast staple meets furniture
Prices: €70
Get it for: The new homeowner
We say: Well, breakfast should never be without beans

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Baked potato bean bag chair  

Come again? Snuggle down inside the pillowy soft jacket
Price: £131.20
Get it for: The sleepy student

We say: There's no better way to be a couch potato (sorry)

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potato bean bag

Via: Etsy / Bfiberandcraft

Edible disguises

Come again? To stick on your food, obviously        
Price: £5
Get it for: A child’s stocking
We say: It’s a great way to get kids eating fruit and veg

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