Brits are set to throw away 263,000 turkeys, 17.2 million Brussels sprouts and 740,00 puddings this Christmas.

Ah, Christmas dinner. The meal we’ve all been working up to this month and the reason you own a pair of elasticated trousers. But, it is also the most wasteful time of the year, apparently.


Brits are set to throw away the equivalent of 4.2m dinners on the big day, according to research – that’s about 10% of every festive meal. Yikes.


What does that look like we hear you cry? Well, 17.2m Brussels sprouts, 11.9m carrots, 9.8m cups of gravy, 7.9m slices of turkey, 7.5m mince pies and 7.1m pigs in blankets (to name just a few). 


Jon Goldstone, Food Director at Unilever (who conducted the survey) said: “The festive season is natural a time when we indulge with our family and friends but throwing away 4.2m perfectly good Christmas dinners is a staggering waste.”


The worst culprits? The under-35s. While 15% spend up to £200 on food, they discard about £27-worth each and one in five admit to buying traditional Christmas foods that they don't even like.

The great Christmas Dinner waste indeed. 


Get involved with the #Clearaplate campaign, which pledges to provide an additional 500,000 meals to families in need through its partnership with Oxfam. Find out more here.



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