Move over silly socks because, let’s face it, Christmas is all about food

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Image: Gifts for foodies you would never have thought of

Via Instagram/Mister_Krisp

You'll never guess what this is made of - scroll down to find out!

Buying presents for any enthusiast can be pretty darn difficult but we’ve got your back with some surprising foodie gifts to put under the tree. 

Personalised Nutella

What: a Nutella pot with a name
Price: £3.99
Give it to: anyone and everyone. Are you listening, Santa?

We say: breakfast time has never looked so good

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Cold brew coffee 

What: wake up and smell the smooth, potent cold brew coffee delivered straight to your door
Price: £16 for two bottles and a canvas tote
Give it to: a hipster
We say: it’s not iced coffee, OK? The coffee is steeped in water for between eight and 16 hours. It is then chilled and served with no ice. Got it?

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Homemade gin kit

What: Gin. It’s in. Everyone who is anyone is drinking it but you could be making it
Price: £39.99
Give it to: a sibling
We say:  we want a go. Now

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Rent a row of St Emilion Grand Cru vines

What: ever dreamed of owning a vineyard and producing gold medal winning wines? Well, no you can – just without all the hard work
Price: £159.97
Give it to: a parent
We say: serving your own wine at a dinner party might be the best (read: smuggest) way to start a conversation

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Syvwlch / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: syvwlch

Salami notes

What: thinly sliced sticky paper notes in deli-style netting
Price: £8.99
Give it to: a student
We say: it looks so realistic we’ll forgive you a nibble or two

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Foodie dice

What: bored with cooking the same meal day in, day out? Well, say hello to foodie dice
Price: £20
Give it to: friends
We say: from cooking method to protein, grains and herbs, there’s a die for everything

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Rice Krispies art

What: commission New Yorker Jessica Siskin to turn the humble snap, crackle and pop cereal into, well, anything
Price: well, that depends on how elaborate your design is
Give it to: the one who has everything
We say: they’re almost too good to eat, almost

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Rice Krispies

Via Instagram/Mister_Krisp

Sushi erasers

What: rubbers in the shape of your favourite sushi, obviously
Price: £7.89
Give it to: children or foodies with a pencil case
We say: doesn’t everyone need a rubber shaped like sushi in their life?

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Lobster oil

What: add a couple of drops to salads, pasta dishes, seafood and risottos for a luxurious lobster taste
Price: £18.12
Give it to: the MasterChef in your life
We say: get your claws in

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Peanut butter maker

What: smooth or crunchy all-natural peanut butter for your toast, cakes or just out of the jar
Price: £49.99
Give it to: a big kid or health hipster
We say: we’re not just talking about peanuts here. You can also make cashew, almond or hazelnut butter, too

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Duck fat caramels

What: No, duck fat should not solely be used on your spuds and yes, it works wonderfully with caramel
Price: $19.99
Give it to: the Heston wannabe
We say: Duck fat + caramel = genius idea

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