A nationwide survey has revealed exactly what you'll be eating on Christmas Day – and it's not what you think

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Santa's feeling a bit bloated...

Just what you wanted for Christmas: another silly survey! But this research by One Poll claims to reveal exactly what the average Brit chows down on on Christmas Day – and it looks like we might all need to invest in some elasticated trousers (or perhaps eat a little less).


Here's what we'll all be eating on Christmas Day (apparently).


1. Salmon and scrambled eggs at 8:51am (very precise), washed down with tea or coffee

We're guessing this is based on the average between a 5am start if you've got kids, and waking up sometime after 11am if you haven't.


2. Three slices of turkey, one slice of another meat, and one spoonful of stuffing ...

But there's no mention of pigs in blankets anywhere, which is just plain wrong.

3. Lots of veggies:

  • 4 roast potatoes – is that it? They can't be counting seconds here.
  • 2 parsnips – whole or chopped up? Who knows ...
  • 1 floret of cauliflower with 1 spear of aspargus – of course! It just wouldn't be Christmas without that one spear of asparagus.
  • 4 Brussels sprouts – But you might manage a few more if you cook them like this.


4. And there will be yorkshire puds

Two yorkshire puds, to be exact. Not traditional, perhaps, but they're still the best bit of any roast.



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Sprouts with chestnut crumble

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5. Dessert? 

  • 1 mince pie
  • 1 slice of Christmas cake
  • 1 helping of Christmas pud
  • A slab of yule log
  • and ... another piece of cake

Sounds about right ... although where's the trifle?



6. And finally? 

We'll gobble 9 chocolates in front of the telly. There won't be a fight over the last purple one ... not because it's the season for sharing and all that, but because you won't be able to move from so much eating.



Merry Christmas everyone!



And just in case you're not quite full, here's some more Christmas by numbers:

  • 86% of us believe we consume more on Christmas Day than any other day of the year
  • 84% of us think the food and drink are the best things about Christmas 
  • 27 mince pies are eaten by the average Brit each year. That's nearly 9,000 calories (just saying).


Statistics complied by One Poll based on the responses of 2,000 people

We've picked out the best bits, but you can see the whole report for yourself at The Grocer.



Do these facts and figures ring true, or is this survey a load of snowballs? Share your thoughts in the comments below