Cooking Christmas? Relax. We’ve rummaged our cookbooks and found the BEST festive recipes. Just think of it as an early Christmas present

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Celebrity chef recipes that win Christmas

Photos: Jamie Oliver via, Nigella Lawson by Charles Birchmore, Mary Berry by Dan Jones and Gordon Ramsay by Ian Derry

Jamie’s puckering up the turkey, Gordon’s squaring up to the sprouts and that Nigella’s got her finger in the brandy sauce. Again. Here’s our ultimate Christmas recipe collection from your fave celebrity chefs. Tuck in.

Roast turkey: Jamie O

In less than three minutes, our favourite Essex boy shows us how to prep and cook the Christmas bird. Cranberry butter under the skin. A clementine up the bum. And stuffing down the neck. Hasta la vista dry turkey!


Get-ahead gravy: Jamie O

It's Christmas! And we're NOT slaving over the stove. Make this meaty nectar a few sleeps before, put your feet up and have another snowball. It’s all gravy. 

Chestnut and date stuffing: Rosemary Shrager

Sweet dates, crunchy apple and roasted chestnuts. Honestly, once you’ve tried Rosemary’s recipe, you’ll tell the others to get stuffed. Now, those revellers aren't going to say no to seconds, so hold some back for the cold turkey sarnies.

Brussels with chestnuts: Gordon

What the *?!@&! is that? OK Gordon, we’ll cook them your way. And with salty pancetta and sweet chestnuts, they’re good too. 


Roast potatoes: Marcus Wareing

You need a Michelin-starred chef for a Michelin spud. Step forth Mr Wareing. Well, if it’s good enough for The Savoy, Le Gavroche and The Berkeley, we’re prepared to give ‘em a go.

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Perfect roast potatoes

Photograph: Jonathan Gregson


Pigs in blankets: Mary Berry

Not just the queen of tarts, Mary’s also pretty handy with the savoury side of things. You might think you don’t need a recipe for this one, but a pink sausage is worse than a soggy bottom. Over to you, Mary.

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Bread sauce



Bread sauce: Delia

On Christmas Day there's no room for error and in Delia we trust. Follow her traditional recipe, infusing the milk with a clove-studded onion, and your bread sauce will go down in history. Promise.


Cranberry sauce: Rosemary Shrager

There’s a secret ingredient in here but you’ll never guess what. After trying Rosemary’s version of this classic Christmas condiment, there’ll be no going back.

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Cranberry sauce

Photograph: Maja Smend


Roast parsnips: Hairy Bikers

Roasted in goose fat and honey, these crispy parsnips are a tad on the naughty side. Still, it is Christmas. Dave and Si’s easy recipe will help keep things calm in the kitchen – just watch they tie those beards back.

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Delia Smith: red cabbage recipe



Red cabbage: Delia

Well you didn’t think we’d only have Delia on the condiments, did you? Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, her braised red cabbage is the best out there and a Christmas feast wouldn’t be right without it. 


Christmas pud: Nigella

There’s no one better than Nigella to take care of dessert. And trust us, this Christmas pud is the best we’ve ever tasted. Soak the fruits in Pedro Ximenez sherry until sweet ‘n’sticky and serve with salted caramel brandy butter.


A moment on the lips ... oh stop it, you. Homemade doesn't count.

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Nigella Lawson: Christmas pudding recipe