Funky ice cubes, herby sprigs and sugar-crusted berries: your guests will swear you’ve gone to a whole lot of effort

Five minutes is all you need to give your Christmas drinks a glamover. Here's how:


The big freeze

Freeze some blackberries, raspberries or grapes then drop into your guests' glasses of Christmas fizz as you hand them around. They a) look gorgeous and b) give extra bubbles. Perfect.

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Apple bobbing

Cute or what? Peel and slice an apple horizontally into thin rounds, then cut out a star shape in the centre. Brush with lemon juice so they don't go brown and float them in warm cider or mugs of mulled wine. Effortless charm. 

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Stick around

Thread jolly red cranberries onto skewers, brush with egg white and dust with caster sugar. A berry good way to tart things up. Perfect in G&Ts or a fizzy Bellini.

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Christmas crush

Smash some candy canes up in a blender and pulse until finely crushed. Brush the rims of martini glasses with syrup or honey and dip them into the candy cane until well covered. One for Santa, baby.

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Spice up your life

A shake of ground cinnamon and aromatic cinnamon stick can get the simpliest of drinks ready to roll (we're thinking egg nog, white russians or even hot milk). Do it with cocoa powder and a dark chocolate matchstick, too, if cinnamon ain't your thing.


Ice, ice baby

Fruit juice, berries and herbs make ice cubes waaay more exciting, as does a funky festive ice cube tray. Try rosemary cubes in a vodka tonic, mint in mojitos or frozen cassis in champers. 

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Round the twist

A curl of lemon or lime zest dusted in sugar makes a cheap and cheerful cocktail garnish. Maraschino cherries are so last year.




Eye candy

One for the adventurous! Fill a glass with candy floss, pour over some cheap cava (or lemonade for the kids) and watch the magic happen. Effervescent pink bubbles like a retro lava lamp – except you can drink this one. 

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Candy floss fizz

Via Loran Dhérines/ Nestle, Nestle Waters


Put a sprig in it

There's always rosemary left over so put it to good use and stick a sprig in your Christmassy cocktails. It's what it was meant for.

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