Want to know how to make the world’s most terrifying Santa made of strawberries? Read on

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Image: 9 Epic homemade Christmas fails from Pinterest

Via: Instagram / swiftjohn

What is it about Christmas that makes us want to get our DIY on?


All year round, photo frames remain un-nailed to the walls, that cushion we planned on making languishes in the corner, and we never quite get round to making bread at the weekend. And yet, the minute that first mince pie hits our lips, we immediately believe we're Kirstie Allsopp that time she did her Homemade Christmas show on the telly.


Here are nine of the best, most epic Christmas time fails, courtesy of Instagram. Now put the glue gun down.


1. Cookie fail

These are sugar cookies and they look terrible. Bravo, however, to the guilty baker’s excellent use of capitals in #USECORNSYRUP.

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Via: instagram/scullenator

Via: Instagram / scullenator


2. Death of the marshmallows

Is that molten lava under there? This is what it looks like when you soufflé marshmallows for the first time. Don’t do it.

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Via: instagram/brian_scully

Via: Instagram / brian_scully


3. Burn baby burn

This unlucky baker hid her gingerbread house in the oven but forgot to tell her dad. Who promptly turned the oven on. Not a good idea.

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Via: instagram/carrlynn

Via: Instagram / carrlynn


4. Rein it in

This reindeer needs a hug.  

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Via: instagram/hannah2503

Via: Instagram / hannah2503


5. Scary Santa

These strawberry Santas are so bad, they’re actually kind of amazing. Even if all the spikes make them look like a nightmare to eat.

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Via: instagram/jota_dazza

Via: Instagram / jota_dazza


6. Nuh-ah honey

Question 1: is it honeycomb? Question 2: DID YOU MANAGE TO SAVE THE POT CLAIRE?!?

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Via: instagram/clairebullartist

Via: Instagram / clairebullartist


7. Choco no-no

See @justinerosestark's comment on this one: it's so PRETTY and BROWN.

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Via: instagram/americanloon

Via: Instagram / americanloon


8. Gentle(snow)man

It’s bad, but it's still a snowman wearing an Oreo top hat. And that can only be a good thing.

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Via: instagram/scarlettswanson

Via: Instagram / scarlettswanson


9. The joy of Christmas

Oh dear.

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Via: instagram/swiftjohn

Via: Instagram / swiftjohn

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