Smoked salmon. Granted, it’s pretty good on its own (or on a blini) but that’s not all it’s good for. Oh no

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Smoked salmon baked eggs with roasted asparagus

Christmas, New Year and everything in between (hello Twixmas) were made for lazy brunches. Smoked salmon is surely the ultimate breakfast ingredient: it's easy to prepare (yes, even we can open a packet first thing in the morning) but still decadent enough to turn breakfast into an occasion. 

Behold our favourite all-time salmon recipes guaranteed to make you drool over your brunch. 

Add: cream cheese, croissant, chives

Don’t confine your smoked salmon and cream cheese combo to a bagel. Have you tried it in a croissant? Have you? 

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Add: asparagus

Transform those last slivers of smoked salmon into a sparkling side dish by wrapping them round asparagus bundles. Serve with scrambled or poached eggs. 

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Add: rice, eggs

Is it breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? The talents of this joyous union between fish and boiled eggs are endless. Try the recipe here.

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Add: puff pastry, egg, crème fraîche, herbs

Quiche for brunch? Oh, what rebels we are. Using readymade puff pastry will mean you can knock it up in no time, too.

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Add: cream cheese, pancakes, dill

Smoked salmon and cream cheese are the perfect match, but add pancakes into the mix and it is even more heavenly.  

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Add: eggs, cream, tomatoes

The power of the simple omelette knows no bounds, but adding smoked salmon, lime zest, cream and sundried tomatoes into the equation takes it to god-like status.  

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Add: potato, herbs, creme fraiche

Got some spuds left over from Christmas? Whip them up into a rosti, top with smoked salmon and dill and voilà: brunch is served. 

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Add: eggs, cream cheese, veg

If you’ve overdone it the day before, tuck into a light and bright baked eggs and salmon combo. Just add some seasonal greens because, well, why not?

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Add: scrambled eggs, bagel, chives

This may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. You can’t go far wrong with smoked salmon, eggs and a pinch of oniony chives served up on a bagel. 

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Eggcellent: whip up this smoked salmon and scrambled eggs recipe

What are your top tips for serving or using up smoked salmon? Share your recipes below