Your house is crammed full of hungry people, but what do you feed them all for breakfast?

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Smoked salmon pizza

You are sooo prepared for Christmas you feel like you're about to lead a small army into battle. The presents are all wrapped, the fridge is bursting at the seams. You. Are. Sorted. Until the realisation although Christmas lunch is planned to perfection, you hadn't paid too much attention to breakfast. Oh dear.


Never fear, we've got your back. Here are some surefire festive breakfast winners.

If your house is full of kids and you have a little bit of time

So you've outdone yourself this year and you seem to have a few minutes to spare, so why not make their Christmas even more special? All you need are some Christmassy cookie cutters and a simple pancake batter recipe like this one. Simply pour the thick batter into the cases resting in the pan and there you go. Drizzle with syrup and dust with icing sugar.


Not that much time? Use your cutters to cut shapes out of white toast and top the same way. Voilà, Christmas tree toast!

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If your house is full of kids and you have NO time

It's amazing really what you can do with a few strawberries, a banana and a bit of imagination. If the kids are going to be mainlining sugar all day this is a great opportunity to get just a trace of vitamins into their systems – plus takes less than two minutes. If you have NO TIME AT ALL turn it into a fun and time-consuming game for them. "Who can make the best candy cane?" *slips off to frantically and silently continue wrapping presents*

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If you're impressing the in-laws

Cooking for a lot of people isn't easy, so don't make it any harder for yourself. If you're under the watchful eye of the mother-in-law, these scrams (made all in one pan) look and taste amazing. Top it off with this clementine prosecco cocktail. Who needs orange juice, eh?

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If you don't even want to go near the hob yet

This Christmas granola recipe from David Morgan is easily made into crunchy, tasty slabs ahead of time. Simple pat the mixture into a baking tray and, after cooling, slice into bitesize chunks. The cranberry and hazelnut combo will warm your Christmas cockles.

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Photo: Brett Stevens


If you don't want to be the last one to eat

Elaborate breakfast food can be a bit of a faff. Try oven-baked pancakes. Whaaat? Trust us, they're divine.


Warm the fat in a large earthenware dish, then pour in your batter straight in and bake. The pancakes wil rise like Yorkshire puddings. When done fill with toppings of your choice and sit down to eat with the whole family. This recipe from Yellow Bliss Road looks just, well ... blissful.

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If you're after a casual family brekkie

Somewhere between a canapé and a takewaway this smoked salmon pizza dreamt up by Michelle at thatssomichelle is pure genius. It's the ideal use for the mountains of smoked salmon piled up in your fridge and involves barely any cooking. Cook a shop-bought plain pizza base, smother with cream cheese and top with smoked salmon and capers. Genius.

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