Here’s 12 reasons to love Christmas, in all their gooey, chocolatey glory


1. Chocolate roulade with white chocolate frosting 

Five simple ingredients make up this delicious recipe for light, fluffy chocolate sponge with a rich creamy filling. See recipe for chocolate roulade with white chocolate frosting.

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2. Baked chocolate & clementine cheesecake

Rich dark chocolate mixed with creamy mascarpone and tangy orange fondant sits on a crumbly ginger snap base in this deliciously decadent dessert. We dare you to resist! See recipe for baked chocolate & clementine cheesecake.

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Baked Chocolate and Clementine Cheesecake


3. Pomegranate, cranberry & white chocolate cake

Possibly even more Christmassy than Christmas cake, this show-stopper is a good option if you’re looking to try something a bit different to the traditional fruity fare this year. See recipe for pomegranate, cranberry & white chocolate cake.

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Pomegranate, Cranberry and White Chocolate Cake


4. Fruit & nut chocolate rounds

These sweet treats make a great chocolately gift for friends and family, and we show you how to make pretty pouches to present them in too. See recipe for fruit & nut chocolate rounds.

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Fruit and Nut Chocolate Rounds


5. Chocolate pecan spread

Another great gift idea, all this nutty spread requires is a quick pulse of the food processor and a good stir to make. And it will keep for up to two months if stored in sterilised jam jars. See recipe for chocolate pecan spread.

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Chocolate Pecan Spread


6. Chocolate & clementine pudding

With tangy clementines and a hint of ginger this chocolate dessert is a delicious take on a traditional Christmas steamed pud for those that want their pudding that little bit sweeter. See recipe for chocolate & clementine pudding.

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Chocolate and Clementine Pudding


7. Chocolate espresso pots

A creamy dessert with rich dark chocolate and crumbly biscotti base, these espresso pots have an added devilish dash of Baileys. See recipe for chocolate espresso pots.

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Chocolate Espresso Pots


8. Chocolate fondue

This fun, sweet fondue is ideal for sharing this Christmas. See recipe for chocolate fondue.

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Chocolate Fondue


9. Snow-sprinkled Black Forest log

Morello cherries with kirsch add a devilish twist to the traditional Christmas log. See recipe for snow-sprinked Black Forest log.

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Snow-sprinkled black forest log


10. Chocolate orange freezer cookies

A super-handy recipe to have to hand at Christmas – these delicious cookies can be made in advance and frozen, then just whack them in the oven when you’re ready to serve. See recipe for chocolate orange freezer cookies.

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Chocolate Orange Freezer Cookies


11. Chocolate and coffee tarts

A rich chocolate and coffee filling set in crisp pastry cases. These decadent individual desserts are the perfect ending to a festive meal. See recipes for chocolate and coffee tarts.

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Chocolate coffee tarts


12. Chocolate brownies

A classic treat universally loved by chocolate fans, these easy-to-make brownies are chewy in the middle and crisp on the top – just as they should be. See recipe for chocolate brownies.

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No-fuss delicious desserts

If you fancy some more tasty dishes with the minimum of fuss, see our 10 lazy (but impressive) Christmas desserts