Know some who likes tea? Know someone who loves tea? Then you need to read this ...

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Image: 11 Gifts to buy the tea lover in your life

Via: RupertsHouse / Etsy 

Do you know someone who simply can't function without a cuppa on a daily basis? Are they a little obsessed with all things tea? Do they prefer to make a round just to ensure it's done properly? That person needs these amazing tea-related pressies in their life.



1. Tea cup stool

"Come, let us take tea in the garden" – imagine how cool it would be to say that, clap your hands and then lead your guests outside to sit on one of these beauties. Just imagine. 


£140 + delivery, The Form Emporium

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Tea stools - cool Christmas gifts

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2. Two ceramic half mugs

This is possibly the most romantic/creepy gift you can buy for the number one tea lover in your life. It's a statement that screams, "I want to share everything including a saucer with you."


$48.90 + shipping to UK, KIKKERLAND

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Tea cup for two cool Christmas gift

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3. High tea 

Having an elevated tea cup not only looks super regal, but it also means that you can fit an array of fancy treats beneath your drinking vessel. The perfect gift for that person who always likes to keep their cakes close to them. 


£14.99 + delivery, Getting Personal

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High tea cup

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4. Miss Darcy tea for one

A true tea connoisseur doesn't need friends round to get out the teapot. No, this pretty vintage piece will keep your beverage piping and is strictly just for one.


£22.50 + delivery, Oscar & Eve 

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Tea for one pot

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5. Alice in Wonderland drink me tea selection

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: the book that helped turn tea drinking into a much celebrated, if slightly hallucinogenic, British ritual. This Mad Hatter's collection includes three of Whittard's most popular tea blends.


£10 + delivery, Whittard

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Alice in Wonderland tea selection

Via: Whittard


6. Knitted snail tea cosy

You'll be chomping at the bit to get friends round for tea just so you can get this adorable creature out. Brian the snail is here to protect your poor teapot from ever getting chilly again.


£16.99 + delivery, RupertsHouse on Etsy

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teacosy snail

Via: RupertsHouse 


7. Emergency tea bottle necklace

Ever been on holiday with someone who's whined incessantly about not being able to get a decent cuppa? Well, this is the gift to get them; they'll never be caught short again.


£7 + delivery, TheCuriousCogsmith at Etsy

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Emergency tea necklace

Via: Etsy / TheCuriousCogsmith


8. Sharky tea infuser

Da-na. Da-na. Da-na. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. And if you use a redcoloured tea, you'll have your very own shark attack in a cup. Amazing.


£6.99 + delivery, Find Me A Gift

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9. Ring for tea bell 

*Rings bell at 5am* "I'm ready for my morning cuppa …"

Warning: This hilarious gift could backfire if you buy it for a tea lover you live with …


£3.49 + delivery, Find Me A Gift

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10. Advent calendar of tea

No one really wants a cheap snowman chocolate first thing in the morning to celebrate being another day closer to Christmas. A luxurious cup of tea would be much nicer.


£39.50 + delivery, Posttea at Not On The High Street

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11. Personalised tea box

The tea lover is a very particular breed, preferring to hide their favourite stash away from grubby thieving fingers. So a special box with their name stamped on as a warning would probably make them very happy indeed.


£39 + delivery, Wooden Toy Gallery at Not On The High Street

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12. Sloth tea helper tea bag and spoon rest

That moment of mild panic: you've made your cup of tea but now where will you put your bag and spoon? Ah yes, on your lovely sleepy sloth tea helper. Thank you Mr Sloth.


£45 + delivery, Takae Mizutani and Sons at Not On The High Street

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