From the bizarre to the inspirational, get a Christmas fix with these ideas for edible trees

What could be better than a Christmas tree all beautifully decorated and twinkling in the light? An edible one, that’s what. 

The big buttie

Yes, you are looking at a 7ft Christmas tree made out of chip butties, otherwise known as the Chippy Tree. That’s 50kg of potatoes, 20 loaves of bread and 20 baps. That’s how they roll in Preston.

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Chip Christmas tree

Via Facebook/Heartnorthwest

The sweetest tree

A little bit chewy, a little bit crunchy, no tree is sweeter than a meringue tree. Did we mention that you can add them to a festive Eton Mess? 

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Veg out

Just add copious amounts of dips and you’ve got yourself an easy festive plate of party food.

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The cupcake creation

The cupcake craze continues and it looks like there is nothing that the sweet treat can’t turn its hand to. Great for a kids' Christmas party. 

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Tear and share

Christmas is all about food and sharing. Hey presto, there’s a tree for that. We defy any festive gathering not be improved by this doughball sharing plate. 

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Building blocks

You don’t need to be an engineer to have a standing edible Christmas tree. Stack star-shaped ginger biscuits (mmm) of varying heights on top of each other and voila, you’ve got yourself a Christmas tree.

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Christmas tree biscuits

Via Madbaker /

Get smashed

Wondering how to give your Sunday lunch a festive makeover? Never fear, mashed potato Christmas trees are here. 

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

All you need to create an enchanted forest is ice cream cones and a bucket-load of sweets and chocolate (try it here).

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Ace the packed lunch

Cucumber? Check. Carrots? Check. Could sandwiches look anymore festive? We don’t think so. 

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Get fruity

Christmas might be a time for indulgence but breakfast just wouldn't feel festive without a fruit tree. 

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