It's made from the nib of the bean in its natural state and it’s meant to be kinder to the planet and our waistlines. *Cheers from the sidelines while slurping a cacao smoothie*

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How does the idea of a raw chocolate Bounty bar grab you?

Chocolate is no longer just chocolate. It's gone beyond milk, white and dark to a purer place called raw chocolate.


But you know that, right? Bloggers Deliciously Ella, Honestly Healthy and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw have been taunting us with cacao nib goodies for a while now  we’re talking caramel chocolate slices, cheesecakes and peanut butter brownie cake. Sounds pretty good. 

But "who, what, why?" we hear you cry. 


Well, raw chocolate is touted as a purer, unadulterated form of the chocolate bean.


Put simply, the cacao beans in ordinary chocolate are roasted at temperatures usually somewhere between 100°C and 150°C, but in raw chocolate they're not roasted at all. Its advocates say that not only does this mean it tastes better, but that all the antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients remain intact (although thorough scientific research has yet to be carried out).


Natasha Corrett, otherwise known as Honestly Healthy, told Homemade: "I use it in all my sweet baking and to make raw chocolate as a healthy sweet treat. I even add it to avocado with coconut oil and a syrup to make a raw chocolate mousse."

Check out Honestly Healthy’s raw chocolate cheesecake that might actually be verging on "healthy". *Takes two slices*

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