Heaven in the form of chocolate has arrived and it's really, really big

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Giant Ferro Rocher hazelnut mousse cakes – now you can really spoil yourself

The computer screens at Homemade HQ were rocked to their very core as news reached us that food blogger and utter genius Elizabeth LaBau has finally solved the "but popping one Ferrero Rocher is just not enough" problem. Behold the giant and, quite frankly, drool-inducing version of the golden-wrapped choccie. 

You are looking at five inches of nutty chocolate shell filled with three layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiched together with chocolate-hazelnut mousse. There is not just one single hazelnut hiding in the middle of this chocolate goodness, but many. Brilliant. 


This got us thinking, what other chocolate bars can you supersize? Turns out, a lot. You can thank us later.

The KitKat

Aussie blogger How to Cook That has created the king of the KitKat world. You may struggle to get through just one of this four-fingered feast but we’ll give it a good shot …

The Twix

Public service announcement: this recipe to make an industrial sized Twix from My Cupcake Addiction requires just 3 ingredients, no baking and just 30 minutes of your time. We’re down with that. 

The Reese’s cup

We’re all a bit over cupcakes, right? Well, this insane Reece’s cup, with its chocolate shell filled with a chocolate cupcake and peanut buttercream topped with a chocolate ganache, has proved us wrong. Hello impending sugar coma. 

The Snickers bar

What could be better than peeling back a wrapper to reveal the nutty, nougaty goodness of a Snickers bar? Getting your chops around one that’s a foot long, that’s what. That’s 33 times the size of your average bar. Yikes.