You've been missing several tasty tricks with this classic chocolate bar

Many chocolate bars have been and gone, but the Mars bar – around since 1932 – has true staying power. And it’s a far more versatile treat than you might imagine …


1. Deep-fried Mars bar

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. For the full authentic experience you’ll want to head to Aberdeenshire, mooted as the birthplace of this sinfully delicious treat. 

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2. Mars bar cheesecake

Sticky, gooey, chewy and decadent, this Mars bar-based variation is quickly scooting up our cheesecake leader board.

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3. Fudging it

The only thing that can make molten sugar taste better? Molten sugar and Mars. If you’re going to fudge up your healthy eating plan, you may as well do it in style.

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4. Caramel cupcakes

Not only do these tasty wee treats have a pleasing-to-the-eye sliver of Mars bar on top, they also include the chocolate bar in the sponge. Double the chocolate, double the fun. 

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5. Rocky road

Always a favourite, you can now take your rocky road to heady new heights by adding a Mars instead of plain chocolate. Beware: once you've tried this version, there's no going back. 

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6. Dense chocolate brownies

Far from stupid (dense, get it?), the makers of this brownie are, in fact, the cleverest kids on the block. Why? Because they figured out that adding slices of Mars bar to batter makes a super-gooey, super-tasty brownie.

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7. Cheers to that

Vodka. Infused with Mars bar. Well, that's certainly going to make it easier to drink, right?

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8. Wanna ride shot gun?

Totally adorable miniature racing cars for any kid's or – ahem – adult's party. Brum brum; speed us to the dessert table! 

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9. Mars bar tunnel cake

This cake is so good, it’s practically obscene. In addition to the Mars bars and honey cream frosting, there’s a liquid caramel tunnel running through it. Holy moly.

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