Take chocolate to a whole new level with chocolate and basil, chilli – even tomato soup!

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6 crazy chocolate flavour combos (trust us, they’re good)

Tim Sackton / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: sackton 

From humble beginnings ...

If you pash for chocolate is still wedded to chocolate brownies or a classic hot chocolate – we need to talk. There is so much more to be done with the velvety stuff …

Go green

Fresh basil and chocolate make a surprisingly good combination. Try it in truffles, mousse, ice cream or even this chocolate cake with basil buttercream. Yum.

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Cocoa tomatoes

Homemade tomato soup has to be the ultimate comfort food. So is chocolate. So all hail the genius who decided to marry them together with some added chilli. Whiz up this spicy chocolate tomato soup and give yourself a massive hug in a mug.

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Butternut chocolate

Chocolate and beetroot cake is sooo last year. How about chocolate and butternut squash? Yep. As Sarah Randell demonstrates here, baked squash can be transformed into a dense, rich cake complete with a creamy chocolate ganache and roasted pecan topping. Don't think about the calories. No point. 

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Chocolate and butternut cake

Photo: Karen Thomas


Sweet and savoury

A bubbling chocolate casserole might not be the first dish you think of as an excuse to eat more chocolate, but it’s actually a very good one! Try pork stew with a hint of dark chocolate or Sarah Randell’s epic dark chocolate beef chilli – perfect for Bonfire night.

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Beef chilli

Photo: Dan Jones



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Magic mushrooms

Shrooms and chocolate? Really? Yes. You've just got to try this porcini and mushroom hot chocolate. With its earthy cocoa and porcini flavours it becomes a serious flavour contender when it's sweetened with fudgy brown sugar. Go totally over the top and make some spiced mushroom cookies to dunk. We promise you your world will be a better place once you've tried these. 


Spread the love

Chocolate and hazelnuts is so obvious – but what about toasted pecan spread instead? All you need is five ingredients, half an hour and this awesome recipe. It’s a great gift (if you can bear to give it away to anyone).

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Chocolate and beer

Shari's Berries / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: 126560659@N06


Mine’s a pint 

Easiest ever combo is chocolate and beer. It’s better than crisps and beer (almost). The darker the chocolate, the darker the ale; so match a stout with dark chocolate, a medium bodied ale with milk chocolate, or a light Pilsner with white chocolate. Cheers!

  • What are your chocolate mixes, matches and misses? Share your outlandish combinations below