Put down those saccharine sachets. It's time to get real

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It's a common misconception that a hot chocolate is a drink. A delicious, rich, smooth, creamy drink – but a drink all the same. 


That is just not true. 


In the right hands, what might be imagined as second fiddle to solid treats can become a decadent pudding to rival a fondant. Seriously, it's true. 


Here's how to boss the ultimate winter indulgence. 


1. Pick your chocolate 

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Since we're being real here, there's no time for powders. Get yourself an actual bar of chocolate. And don't assume milk is the only way: a decent quality white or dark both work. You want around 25g for one mug. 


2. Get your milk ready

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Again, room for manoeuvre here. In the market for unabashed, dreamy full-throttle joy? Heat up 150ml of the full-fat milk on the hob over a medium heat. Fancy something less creamy? Go for semi-skimmed. And if you're dairy-free, coconut or almond milk works, too. 


3. Spice it up 

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But who said you had to leave it at that? It's time to get infusing. A couple of broken cinnamon sticks, a drop of vanilla extract, some dried chilli flakes, a couple of cloves, a grating of nutmeg… give it that cosy winter spin. 


4. Melt your chocolate 

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Chop your choc into small pieces for easy melding and stir through the warm milk. Give it a little whisk to help the two combine. 


5. Get decorating 

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Time to bring it all together. Pour your molten chocolate mix into your favourite mug and adorn as you see fit. Freshly whipped cream spiked with a touch of brandy, gooey marshmallows, a grating of Flake, a drizzle of dulce de leche… go mad. 


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